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E-Book in Progress

E-Book in Progress

"Open Book" by digitalart on freedigitalphotos.net

I have been receiving a lot of questions about how to make a bit of money on the side in order to purchase some widget that is wanted. The questions come from a good mixture of people such as the fully employed, the stay-at-home mother, and the currently unemployed. This seems like such a popular topic that I have decided to write my first ever e-book on this topic. The book will include 4 tried and true ideas that I have either personally made money doing or helped someone I know make money doing. The reason I only focus on 4 ideas is the fact that I want to write about ideas that actually work. I also want to make the book available as soon as possible. It is very cliche to say I want to provide quality over quantity, but cliche or not it is true.

I have only recently started on it so it won’t be available for at least a few weeks. In the book, I will go into great detail about each of the 4 ideas starting from the preparation stage all the way through to earning the first cent and beyond. The ideas will not make you rich, but they should provide some extra cash to get you closer to your goals and that widget you want to buy.

Once I finish, the book will be made available for FREE! Make sure you sign up for the YPMoney newsletter by clicking here or by clicking under “Like the Articles?” on the right. I will be sending out snippets from the book periodically.

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