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Lottery Simulator

Lottery Simulator

"National Lottery" on freedigitalphotos.net

I spend a lot of my free time browsing through personal finance websites and I have found that a lot of them do not write articles that are helpful to anyone. In fact, many of these sites are little more than a culmination of links to other website articles with maybe a paragraph as a description. I read articles on topics like “How to Get out of Debt” and they’re filled with sweeping generalisms. We all know that getting out of debt requires different things for different people depending on their situation.

While researching some topics, I found a fun little program online that simulates 10,000 games at once. The highest payout per 10,000 I have been able to get is $2,504,400. I actually matched up all 6 numbers once. Too bad this was just a simulation! The prizes are based on old UK lottery numbers, but the odds are similar in the US.

Play for yourself!

I’m hitting myself right now because I just played 50 more times and did not even get close. Why didn’t I get a screenshot when I won?! Ugh! It’s probably the closest I’ll get to winning the lottery, especially since I don’t buy lottery tickets.

I just found one that is more popular with the financial blogging community.

Play it here!

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