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Aftermarket Discount Vouchers

Aftermarket Discount Vouchers

Screenshot from lifesta.com

My research has led me to an interesting site that sells vouchers for daily deals that people do not want anymore. The theory is simple, people buy a deal on Groupon or a similar website and then sell it on Lifesta because they either don’t want to use it or can’t use it. Of course, all the deals listed on Lifesta are current. Many of the deals are at a discount to even the original deal price, but be careful. I’ve seen some that are more and those people are hoping you don’t see how much the original deal price was.

I think this website is a great way to save money. It won’t always have what you’re looking for, but it is worth it when it does. You can’t always count on someone selling the deal for less, many sell it at the same price as the deal value. There is a posting fee as well as a percentage cut that Lifesta takes from each sale. The transactions go through Lifesta so the seller doesn’t see your personal information.

Experience Lifesta!

I hope this site becomes more popular as group discount sites become more popular. So many of my friends don’t know about Lifesta. Heck, I didn’t even know about Lifesta until a few days ago!


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