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Get Paid for Writing Articles

Get Paid for Articles

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There are so many stories about people making money by writing hundreds of articles on sites like eHow and HubPages. They do not make enough money to quit their day jobs, but any extra income is good. I researched eHow, but they seem to have changed their policies since being acquired by Demand Media in May 2006. I also researched HubPages and currently have a few Hubs going. The rest of this article focuses on HubPages.

Making New Hubs

HubPages allows for a few different hub formats. I will use the term “hub” interchangeably with the term “article” since they mean the same thing. The format that I use exclusively is the Picture-Body-Comments format. I find a nice royalty free picture that I make sure to cite and then write my article using different text styles to emphasize headings and key points. I’ll link to a few of my hubs at the end of this article.

Theoretical Payout

The theoretical AdSense payout is 60/40 at HubPages. This is accomplished by rotating the author’s AdSense links with HubPages’ AdSense links in a 60/40 ratio. The actual realized payout could be much greater or much lower depending on randomness and luck. I am currently testing out a simple call to action for readers to “click the links below for more information.”

Revenue Linkages

I have not set up all of my revenue linkages, but AdSense is in the approval stage. I also see Amazon and eBay as possible options as well, though I have not dug deeper into them. I currently have 4 published hubs and 1 draft hub. Since my revenue linkages are not complete, I am not eligible for any revenue from AdSense clicks yet. The interesting thing is that I have only had my 4 hubs published for 2 days and I already have 54 views in total. I know some of them are me, but that probably accounts for 10-12 views. The rest are other people and that is so cool!

The Challenge

I don’t have the time to do too much on HubPages, especially since my LendingClub account will soon be funded and I’ll have to spend a lot of time there researching notes to invest in. I am challenging myself to have 20 published hubs by the end of next weekend, the 17th. That would be an average of producing between 1 and 2 hubs a day, which is not too much.

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