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LendingClub Payments Received

LendingClub Payments Received

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I have received payments on 4 of my notes and they have all been on time so far. I have not invested fully yet because I wanted to wait until a few rounds of payments came through before I continued. Let me reiterate at this time that notes priced higher than their remaining principal should not be bought unless you are sure you want to take that chance. Read up on the mistake that I made, which could cost me 3% on the principal of my purchased notes right of the bat.

As of right now my loan status is as follows:

  • In Funding (0)
  • Issued & Current (11)
  • Late 16 – 30 Days (0)
  • Late 31 – 120 Days (0)
  • Fully Paid (0)
  • Default (0)
  • Charged Off (0)

I’ll get into percentages later when there is actually something worth while to report on! My thoughts right now on this lending platform is mixed. It seems like a really good way to help other people and make a bit of money by way of interest payments. I guess I am anxious because I already got blindsided right off the bat. It was my own fault of course.

We’ll see what happens as time progresses.

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