Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Mike Lai and I currently work as an electrical engineer. I went to college with grand dreams of one day working in Silicon Valley for a large tech company. That dream didn’t come true, but I love where I currently work and enjoy the people I work with. I am constantly trying to find new ways to improve myself mentally, physically, and fiscally. Life is a continuous journey of learning, loving, and making a difference in other people’s lives. I focus on self improvement because I feel that the easier and most common thing to do is to stay where you’re most comfortable. I have a fear of my personal growth stagnating. I want to continuously improve and I never want to stop. Let death be what stops me.


Blogging online is all about sharing information, providing transparency, and encouraging community. I want to show everyone that baby steps can be taken to improve one’s self. My main focuses are mental, physical, and fiscal improvements. I’m constantly looking for new tools to use for self growth in these areas. To be truthful, I spend a longer time looking for ways to grow my finances in a lower risk way. I want to be able to produce my own income streams so that I won’t have to rely on working for someone else later in life.

This blog started as a personal finance blog, but I quickly found out that there were countless personal finance blogs around with pages upon pages of blog posts. I wanted to also include the things I was experimenting with to improve my mental and physical self as well. I want for people to see what I am doing and realize that they can do the same. Though the results may not be the same, there is something to be said about the action of doing.

I sincerely hope this blog educates people about the choices they have in life. Don’t stay stagnant, grow every day!


Best Regards,

Mike Lai

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